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LK Bridal

The Bridal Process

Our history of creating beautiful dresses for ladies, combined with our designers and master seamstresses advice, will ensure your gown fits perfectly and compliments your presentation. We create all our garments in-house to ensure the highest standard of craftsmanship and quality finishing’s.

The choice of fabric, cut and personal finishing touches available for couture garments are immense. Our designers and master seamstresses will provide advice and guidelines during a one on one design session. Getting to know you personally and ultimately reflecting your own unique style and individuality.

The result is a look that is beautifully crafted, compliments your figure and truly reflects your personality.

Our designers task is to guide you in the choice of cut, colour, fabric and myriad details to create your ideal gown.

Whether your vision is an elegant look or to make a statement, our team will make it a reality that you will illuminate in. Couture can enhance your figure and offers personal details that are uniquely yours.

Thekhalloufs have been offering styling advice for over 12 years. Having been formally trained in fashion and jewelry design provides them with insights into using form, colour and texture to compliment your features. Growing up with a tailor as a father trained their eyes for detail and exquisite taste and appreciation for quality made garments. Drawing inspiration from a world of fashion, art, architecture and innovation together with a deep knowledge of couture workmanship, makes thekhalloufs the ideal designer duo.

We excel at creating the ideal couture piece to match your special occasion and fit perfectly. Our designers and master seamstresses have over 40 years of combined experience and are renowned for creating beautiful dresses that have unsurpassed sartorial elegance. We handcraft all our dresses in-house to ensure the quality and ability to respond to your personal requests. We recommend design sessions with the designers a minimum of 12 weeks before deadline to allow time for sourcing fabrics, design development and garment construction.

Our designers can advise you on the perfect design for your occasion and assist with fabric selection.

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