A Lillian Khallouf bride is not confined to the norm. Our dresses are hand-made in Sydney, Australia with careful attention to detail and craftsmanship. They are designed to encapsulate your unique essence through a sophisticated and harmonious mix of romanticism and timeless tailoring.

Each piece is thoughtfully curated, capturing the essence of your love story, so you can arrive like you, on your special day.


Our bridal pieces are a fusion of artistry, functionality, and elegance. They are also designed as a complete and true reflection of you, your style, and your choices on this momentous day. You’ll have the opportunity to express your personal needs and aspirations from the outset in a private, one-to-one design session with Lillian. From here onwards, Lillian will utilise her experience and expertise to guide you through the process, from choosing your silhouette and fabric to fittings and adjustments, until finally, the delivery of your own beautifully unique piece.


The process starts with a private design session at our atelier in Sydney. In this one-to-one session, Lillian will get to know you as an individual, understand your personal style, and discover exactly what you are looking for. Initial sketches will be made, measurements will be taken, and visions aligned. Please note consultations are by appointment only and can be booked here.


As Creative Director, Lillian loves working closely with her clients. Sketching an array of ideas and designs, then advising on fabrics, colours, and silhouette, Lillian will take you through the design process one step at a time. Offering expert, personalised guidance along the way, this collaboration will produce a piece that is a genuine reflection of you and your style.


Upon finalising your design, a formal quote will be provided, with a deposit being required to proceed. Depending on the complexity of the piece, there may be up to five fittings to tailor the dress. Deadlines for completion are set by you; however, we advise allowing 12 weeks for production. Final fittings take place for last-minute adjustments, after which your piece will be ready for pick-up or delivery.